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About PROfiltr

The growth in digital technology has brought so much ease to our lives, but it’s also complicated a lot of important work. Take the example of choosing an accountant: it should be so simple. Go to your chosen search engine, type in “accountant near me”, and pick one from the list. But which one to pick? How do you know they’re qualified, have good customer service, are good at what they do? You could spend days going over the search results and websites, and even longer having introductory meetings and trying to find an accountant that’s right for you.


That’s why we built PROfiltr

There is a growing number of people who want to change the way they find a small business accountant, whether they’re just starting out in business or they want to change accountants after years of service. People don’t want to purely rely on the recommendations of their friends and family, and searching on your own is just a headache. We want to make choosing an accountant a simple, streamlined and pain-free process.

What is PROfiltr?

We’ve built a network of great, expert accountants who will understand your business and help you grow. We only accept accountants who are fully-qualified and have a great reputation. Like us, we want them to put your needs first. So, when you’re choosing an accountant, ask us for free quotes. Our accountants will provide you with quotes tailored to your requirements - which means no more awkward haggling - and you’re under no obligation to work with them if you don’t think they’re up to the job.

Compliance and growth: why businesses need accountants

Our accountants are well-equipped to help your company at every stage of its development. When you're a startup or small business, you can end up performing plenty of different roles and wearing different hats, and sometimes your finances become very tricky. Accountants will let you know what records you need to keep and what tax you are liable to pay, saving you a great deal of time, effort and money.


Whether you’re choosing a small business accountant to help you get started, or you’re looking to change accountants after years of operation, it’s worth considering how they can help you grow. We recommend businesses of all sizes ask their accountant to help with payroll, VAT returns, corporation tax and statutory accounts. If you’re looking to build a startup and are still at the concept stage, accountants could even help you with the formation of your company.

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Business owner? You'll need a personal accountant too

The law is constantly changing and evolving, making it harder and harder for individuals with no expertise in tax to make sure that they are compliant and paying the correct amount. Working with an accountant could save you the fuss of completing your own self-assessment tax return, as well as reduce the amount of money you are liable to pay in tax whilst fulfilling your legal duty.